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“Depression Antidote”

The local church is one of the best antidotes for depression! I recently heard a message by Bro. John Bishop in which he mentioned that the experts can only vouch for two items that can help depression. Some drugs may help some people, but the experts tell us that "interpersonal behavioral therapy," and "cognitive behavioral therapy" are the only two things that have been proven to help ALL persons who face depression. Brother Bishop went on to say that both of these things are found in the fellowship of a good gospel-preaching, practicing local church. "Interpersonal behavioral therapy" has to do with the way that you are treated, and the way that you treat others.

Folks are often depressed because of the way that they have been treated by others, or their depression may stem from the way that they treat others.  In a BIble practicing local church, obedient Christian people treat others the way that they ought to be treated, and consequently everyone who faithfully attends a Bible practicing church will have all of the interpersonal relational therapy that they need. Interpersonal relationships are not easy come, easy go. You will be hurt by interpersonal relationships, but for God's sake you must learn to relate to others interpersonally. Failure to do so will make you a hermit, and you will not be fulfilling God's purpose of fellowship without interpersonal relationships. Why is it that many depressed people shy away from the very thing that they need in a local church settings? The second needed help for depression is "cognitive behavioral therapy," and this has to do with the way that we think. Depression is often stimulated by bad thinking. We do not think properly about ourselves, about others, about God, or about the Bible. Great Bible teaching will fix this delimma.

One of the purposes for Bible preaching is to proclaim the truth about God, about mankind, and about the Word of God. Let me encourage you, dear reader, that when you feel depressed, not to skip church, but to faithfully attend the church services.


Excerpt from:  The Hedgemaker Newsletter, Dr. Lee Henise, Pastor of  Heritage Baptist Church, 126 Doe Run Rd, Manheim, PA 17545-8502


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