End Times – Isaiah 24

Isaiah chapter 24 appears to be an overview of the end times and the activities which are to follow, this present day.      A picture is formed in verses 1 through 12 of these last days, where as those who are building upon wood, hay and stubble (1 Cor3:12) will soon face an irreversible misery.   The day is soon coming where the unsaved will realize the truth that all is vanity and vexation of the spirit.  Not only will this peak at the time of the rapture, but will continue through to the advent of the kingdom age, and into eternity.  These verses speak much of the pain and sorrow that this age can bring.   It speaks of a land that is “utterly spoiled” (v.3), lawless, where there is a sense of hopelessness (v.12), and a deterioration of the family and the homes that they live in (v.10-12).  This is a time that is void of all joy (v.8 – v.11), where by God is no longer receiving praise.

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